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Balance Bike Training 

Build a skill for life

Balance bike training is the first step in learning to cycle and is our programme for KS1 pupils. Children learn its fun to ride, and gain the skills to cycle without needing stabilisers.  

Balance Bike Training For Your School

Our Balance bike training helps children develop the confidence, skills, spatial awareness and dynamic balance to become skilled cyclists. It is also a great place to start building a passion for cycling. Balance Bike Training is the precursor to the well known Bikeability Government programmes aimed at 6+ and is therefore a great foundation for children to build on.

Balance Bike Training can provide your school with an exciting new PE activity which is proven to deliver against a significant number of the Early Years Foundation Stage goals.

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What's the cost?

Balance Bike Training 

Age: KS1 

Number of pupils: Maximum 10 per group

Length of Course: One 45 minute session per week over 4 weeks or One 30 minute session per week over 6 weeks. 

£25/ per child 

We provide the balance bikes, helmets and learning resources.

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