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Create a memorable birthday party for your child with a Football Mania Party. A Prestige coach will deliver your party based around your customized requirements. Check our availability, choose your inflatables, find a venue and away we go!

Football inflatables 



IMG_4791 2.JPG

Bouncy Goal


Football Pitch

IMG_1762 5.JPG

 Soccer Cage


**Prices do not include venue hire or food.


0 Inflatables
1 Prestige Party Host

For up to 90 minutes
Up to 20 Children



2 Football Inflatables  
1 Prestige Party Host

For Up to 90 minutes
Up to 20 Children



1 Football Inflatable
1 Prestige Party Host

For up to 90 minutes
Up to 20 Children 


Suitable for indoors (halls) or Outdoors! (Garden, Park or Astro-Turf pitch)

If you would like to invite more than 20 friends, you can request a second coach at a cost of £60.00


30 minutes 


30 minutes

Choose Your Inflatables

Parents are required to organise a venue (we can assist). Suitable venues include Sports Halls, Football Fields, Gardens, Parks.

Inflatable Pitch, Bouncy Goal, Football Darts, Soccer cage

Parents must book a suitable venue for the party. Your Prestige head coach can help you find a venue.

1. Choose your package.
2. Submit your enquiry form.
3. Prestige Sports will get in touch to confirm our availability asap.
4. Once we have confirmed you can then book an appropriate venue.
5. Final email confirmation after the venue is agreed.
6. Look forward to the big day! 

What to expect and other info...

You should expect a fun based football party, that makes your child the star of the show. Our Party Host will bring all the equipment they need to deliver fun football activities to your child and their guests. All you need to do is organise the venue and the food, we've got the football entertainment covered. 


This will include inclusive fun football games and matches 

We recommend that and catering/food consumption happens after the football activities....for obvious reasons!


Do I need to book a venue? 

Yes. Once Prestige Sports have confirmed availability for your Football Party you can book your venue. Its a good idea to have a few venues in mind in advance. If you are struggling, Prestige Sports will try to assist in your venue search.

What type of venue is suitable for a Nerf Party?

A Football Party will work well in most sports halls. Village Halls are fine too but if you want to add an inflatable, be wary of space (See our inflatable size guide).  If you want a football party outdoors and require inflatables, it must be on grass, so we can peg the inflatables in safely. 

Do Prestige Sports provide catering for birthday parties? 

No, the customer must organise and catering required privately. This could be outsourced or done yourselves.

Do I have to have inflatables?

No, we can offer you a more traditional party too, check out our bronze package!

Can I customise my party?

Yes of course! Tell us your requirements and we will do our best to match them up!

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