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Inflatable Hire 

Things to know ahead of your event....

Adding inflatables to your event brings eye catching attention & bags of fun! To ensure everything runs smoothly there are some basic bits of information that are important for the hirer to know.

Please ensure your venue is the correct size for the inflatables. You can find the dimensions of our inflatables here using this link.

Please ensure you book enough set up and pack up time at your venue. For one or two inflatables 30-45 minutes is sufficient. For any more please ask on your enquiry form. 

Please ensure you have suitable adult supervision for each inflatable you hire.

Inflatables can only be hired out to grass areas outdoors (so they can be pegged in correctly) or indoor areas. Inflatables cannot be hired to hard standing surfaces outdoors due to safety precautions. 

Prestige Inflatables are for children up to the age of 14 years old. 

In windy conditions, the legal limit for Inflatables to operate outdoors is 24mph. We recommend that if the wind speed reaches 20mph maximum the inflatables should be shut off.

Each inflatable has a maximum number of children that can go on at a time. You can find this information on the front of each inflatable and also using this link. Overcrowding of an inflatable.

POWER: All of our inflatables require a power supply. Our extension leads are 45m long.  We require access to one socket per inflatable (The obstacle course needs two power points). Your desired position for inflatables needs to be within 45 metres of the power supply. The closer the better. 

Booking Inflatables 

Check our availability by completing an enquiry form. We will contact you and confirm availability and give you the green light to book your venue.

Book your venue (we can advise and assist).

Wait for the big day! 

When your event arrives, your Prestige Operator will arrive early to set up in good time for the start.

Have a blast! 

Your operator will arrive at the agreed time to dissemble and pack away your equipment.

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