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Hire a Prestige Bouncy castle! Our bouncy castle is football themed and contains a goal inside it! Meaning it has mutli uses!

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Save money and check out our bundle packages.....

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15x15ft & 13ft High

Use for 'Beat The Keeper' or as a Bouncy Castle!



Choose a package for more bang for your buck!

Bouncy Castle
Balloon Tennis | Kids Hand-Eye Coordination and Rally Training Fun

Balloon Tennis | Kids Hand-Eye Coordination and Rally Training Fun

In Raina's Tennis Adventure today, we show you how we do some on court tennis warmup training with balloons. We start off with hand and balloon taps, then add in tennis racquets, then finally rallying across the net. If you'd like to support the CoVA Tennis channel more, please remember to like, comment & subscribe, or leave a Super Thanks! We appreciate you! **************************************************************** ++ Merch: ++ Facebook: ++ Instagram: ++ 15% off TopspinPro: --- Links to Tennis Gear and Apparel We Use -- + Racquets ++ Babolat B' Fly Junior Racquets: ++ Babolat Pure Drive 25": ++ Yonex VCORE 98 : ++ Yonex Percept 100 : + Tennis Gear ++ Wilson Pro Overgrip : ++ Luxilon Alu Power : + Tennis Balls ++ Green Dot: ++ Orange Dot: & ++ Red Dot: ++ Yellow: + Court Equipment ++ Tennis Cart / Hopper: ++ Ball Tube: ++ Hopper: + Recording Gear ++ GoPro Camera: ++ Camera Mount: ++ Tripod: ++ Mics: #tennis #player #lessons #matchplay #usta #virginiabeach #virginia
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