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Camp Info 

We have been running kids activity camps in the School Holidays since 2009. On this page you will find key information about our school holiday programmes. 

Our aim is to provide a variety of options that cater to many needs and interests. Over the school holidays we have 3 different types of Camps available, Mega Activity Camps, Multi Sport Camps and Football Fun Camps. 

  • What is the difference between Mega Activity Camps & Multi Sports Camps?
    Prestige Mega Activity Camps are usually held at bigger venues like Sports Centres and therefore have a larger range of activities and include some of our inflatables too. Mega Activity camps also include lots of sports too. Prestige Multi Sports Camps are usually held at smaller venues such as Primary schools and therefore do not include inflatables due to the smaller space.
  • What inflatables will be at each Mega Camp?
    We have a wide range of inflatables. We rotate these between the venues to ensure there is usually 2 per day at each camp.
  • Do my children need to be toilet trained?
    Yes, children need to be toilet trained to attend days at our camp.
  • Do you publish a timetable of activities?
    We don't publish exact timetables of activities. We have such a wide range of activities (100 +) that we try to avoid disappointment of expectation.
  • Do you take SEN children?
    SEN children are welcome to our camps. We have many SEN children that attend regularly. It is worth noting however, if your child requires one to one care at school, at this time due to staff:child ratios we cannot cater for them. Please notify us of any SEN needs on registration.
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