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InflatablE safETY

Our operatives are trained to set up safely.

See below some of the key safety features you should be aware of. 

If you have hired inflatables for outdoor use they should be placed on grass and pegged in using industry standard pegs. The pegs should be at a 45 degree angle and hammered in all the way. 

Each inflatable should have adequate spacing around it and not be too close to other objects and obstacles. 


Any extension leads used should be fully unwound to avoid overheating.

Inflatables should be clear and placed away from any overhead cables.

The electrical items operating the inflatable equipment should be PAT tested. 

We cover pegs with cones too as a visual for any participants who are running around. 

Every anchor point on an inflatable should be pegged in.

You should be given a wind reader so that you can record the speed of the wind. The legal wind speed limit for an inflatable to be up is 24mph. We ask you to turn it off it gets near 20mph as an extra precaution.

Indoors you should have safety mats at any entry and exit points. 

Outdoors in grass, its is not a legal requirement but we believe you should have safety mats too, especially at the exit points. 

Any generators being used should be cordoned off with hazard fencing. 

Electrical wires should be covered and or made visible with colored coning/hazard tape.

The supervisors must stick to the limit of how many children can be on an inflatable at one time to reduce the risk of injury. 

Where possible the inflatables should be positioned to avoid children running around the back near the blowers.  Cone off/ Rope off these areas. 

If it rains and the inflatables become very wet, unfortunately this means on most occasions they will need to be packed away as they will become slippery and increase the risk of injury. If its light rain that is passing over, we will give the inflatables an opportunity to try and then assess the safety.

Inflatables should not be placed outside on hard standing surfaces, where you cannot peg the anchor points in. 

If an event is cancelled before we have traveled & set up, due to weather, we are happy to waive any cancellation fees. However, once we are set up at an event, the full hire fee will be due/no refunds made. 

Booking Inflatables 

Check our availability by completing an enquiry form. We will contact you and confirm availability and give you the green light to book your venue.

Book your venue (we can advise and assist).

Wait for the big day! 

When your event arrives, your Prestige Operator will arrive early to set up in good time for the start.

Have a blast! 

Your operator will arrive at the agreed time to dissemble and pack away your equipment.

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